February 25, 2013

BotW: Clown Shoes IPA

Yep, Clown Shoes IPA.Nothing freaks me out quite like clowns. Or spiders. Or clowns juggling spiders which I've really never seen but can only imagine being horrific. Buying a beer named Clown Shoes Miracle IPA was, therefore, a bit of a leap of faith but my daughter made me pick up an oversized bottle based on the fact that my son would undoubtedly like the puppy-clutching superhero on the front.

But was the beer any good?

Yes. I'm an IPA fan so this was right in my wheelhouse. That said, while it was nice and hoppy, it was missing some of the fullness I've come to expect from good IPAs. It was a bit on the light side which makes for a good, refreshing IPA but sacrificed some of the full-bodied goodness I appreciate.

Would I buy it again? Yep.

Posted by Chris at February 25, 2013 9:45 PM

So Clown Shoes is the name of the brewery? I'm not sure I could ever set foot there.

On a related note, I'm taking a break from beer. This is going to sound super-pretentious, but I think I had palate fatigue. Anything but an IPA tasted really sweet to me, and I was drinking more and more intense IPAs.

That said, I'm going to appropriate the expression "right in my wheelhouse." Love it!

Posted by: Alison at February 25, 2013 11:12 PM

Thanks for the vivid mental picture of clowns juggling spiders. Now I will be the one crawling into Lil Dude's bed due to crazy bad dreams. (Role reversal) Glad your experience of trying something new to drink worked out. The few times I've decided to try something based on the name/label it has ended up in beverage failure! Have a great week!- Mutt

Posted by: Mutt at February 26, 2013 3:32 PM