April 8, 2013

Baseball, A Getaway, and Jungle Reclamation

I'm not gonna lie. I'm exhausted. This weekend consisted of many things, included among them were two baseball practices, a brief romantic getaway and extreme gardening.

Baseball Practices. Both Owen and Mia are playing baseball this spring. More accurately, Mia is playing baseball while Owen is playing t-ball. And Beth is coaching Owen's team. Owen is not convinced that baseball is the most awesome thing ever. Mia, however, is a natural and kicks total ass.

Romantic Getaway. After all the baseball, Beth and I drove about an hour to small town Virginia, stayed in a nice hotel and had a wonderful meal. Then we slept in yesterday morning to the point at which it felt very wrong to both of us. We then got up and drove home. It was a nice and much-needed interlude.

Extreme gardening. We have quite a yard. It was what sold the house, honestly. And it should have since the previous owners were retirees and master gardeners. We've spent the last five years trying to keep it from falling apart and failing miserably. So we've taken out trees, removed large beds that become a haven for weeds, and, this weekend, we wandered through all the woods and chopped down the various vines that have threatened to take over our yard, our house and, potentially, our children. Really, what we needed was napalm but sadly they don't sell any at Home Depot.

Now I have an extra full day in front of me, I'm covered in cuts and scratches, my knee isn't really working to its full potential, and I'd like to escape again to small town Virginia. Ain't gonna happen.

Posted by Chris at April 8, 2013 7:15 AM