May 22, 2013

Barbershop Alternatives

It's hard being five and every bit of that toughness is showing in Owen these days. He's a wonderful, lovable and kind child but he's also a veteran button pusher. And he's taken great delight in pushing every button we have over the last few weeks.

We push back.

Yesterday, after taking my wife to have an x-ray (no surgery, yay!) and picking Owen up from school, the three of us went to lunch. We just happened to be next to his barber so we encouraged him to get a much needed trim. He yelled at us and told us that haircuts are stupid. Since we'd only just had the idea and he doesn't have Don King hair yet, we didn't put up a fight. But we did give him several alternatives.

1. Dad can cut his hair. I did it about a year ago. His hair looked awful and though we didn't think that part of his ear would grow back, it did.

2. Mia can cut his hair. Since Owen's pulled hers numerous times, I'm pretty sure she'd love a shot at it. Though I'm confident someone would end up in the hospital.

3. Waxing. No explanation needed. Not a pretty picture.

4. Monkeys with lasers. We'll arm a cadre of monkeys with lasers and they can go to town. I mean, monkeys with lasers? How cool is that?

While he seemed pretty intrigued with the whole monkey-laser thing, I'm pretty sure he's going to decide that a barber is his best bet.

Posted by Chris at May 22, 2013 8:21 AM