August 28, 2013

I Know What You Did This Summer: The Capsizening

When school starts and teachers ask all their new students about what they did this summer, Owen will have a fantastic story. We capsized a sailboat last week.

Every year we head to the beach and for the past few years we've rented a sailboat and taken whichever kids feel like sailing out on it. Last week we rented what was probably only a 12-footer and five of us took off - Beth, Mia, Owen, my father in law, and me. About fifteen minutes in, the seasick-prone (Beth and Mia) wanted to be let off. Luckily a passing speedboat offered to take them back to shore. Two minutes later a massive gust of wind came out of nowhere. The boat kept tilting closer and closer to the water until suddenly the bay was in the boat. Huh. Owen became airborne, I caught him and we were suddenly in the water. We freaked out for a split second until we realized that we could, despite our distance from the shore, stand. Again, huh.

The speedboat that rescued Beth and Mia came out to rescue us. My father in law helped the three of them right the boat while I walked Owen - on my shoulders - a few hundred yards to the shore. The walk through sand, mud and water was the longest walk of my life.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't dangerous and only a tiny bit unnerving. But it made the greatest story ever told...if you ask Owen.

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Which is exactly why, two weekends ago in San Diego, we rented a pedalboat and NOT a sailboat. The 3 year old had a heck of a nap while the other three of us pedaled and pedaled and OMG people pay money for this kind of torture? IT was fun and crippling.

Posted by: rebecca at August 29, 2013 12:46 PM
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