September 24, 2013

My Week Of Bliss

Want to have the greatest weekend off ever? Quit your job first.

Now, I know that sounds drastic and I certainly wouldn't advise doing it without having something to fall back on. Like another job. But as it turns out that time period between jobs is pretty much the most blissful time ever.

Last week was just that week. And it was wonderful. Beth and I got the kids on the bus every morning then did whatever we felt like. We took walks, watched movies in the middle of the day, went out for lunches at places we always wanted to try, and explored previously unexplored parts of Washington just for fun. And I didn't have an annoying work email account tempting me to check in.

Yesterday it was back to reality. I sat in an all-day orientation that did little but overwhelm me and, during the course of the day, I have to admit that I thought why did I do this? a few times. Or a few hundred times. Like I said yesterday, I'm not all that good at newness. If there's one thing I already owe this new job, though, it's that wonderful week off.

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