October 25, 2013

The Weeklies #270

The Weekly Word. Snollygoster. Definition? A clever, unscrupulous person.

The Weekly Drink. Coffee.

The Weekly TV Addiction. The Good Wife. Damn good show and great subject for a brand new TV addiction.

The Weekly Snack Annoyance. Trail mix manufactures must be getting paid off by the raisin manufacturers. Way too many raisins in trail mix.

The Weekly Read. I love Lee Child and his Jack Reacher novels. Child is just as dependable as his hero, Reacher, and A Wanted Man was no exception. While hitching to Virginia, the nomad-like Reacher finds himself trapped with some bad dudes. What he uncovers is sinister and mysterious...and a hell of a ride. It's not literature but it's damn entertaining.

The Weekly Article Of Clothing I Wish Would Disappear. Ties.

The Weekly Music. I prepared myself to dislike Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt. Despite the fact that I love Pearl Jam and have since the release of their debut Ten, I was dismayed by the reviews which seemed to indicate it was another attempt at a modern punk album. Not my favorite face of Pearl Jam. But Lightning Bolt isn't modern punk. It's a brilliant, well-crafted, stripped-bare album chock full of good songwriting and addictive hooks. No, this isn't Ten or even Yield. But it's good. And it's hard to blame a band that refuses to stand still.

The Weekly Question. Will Congress pay for the shutdown in the upcoming election? Or will we forget about this...like always?

Posted by Chris at October 25, 2013 6:32 AM | TrackBack

I hope they pay for it, but my guess is that most people will forget about it. That or the districts have been massaged enough that the jackholes that caused it have no problems getting elected again because their constituents have the same views as them.

Lee Child - I've read all of the Jack Reacher books. Most of them 2 or more times. What did you think of the Tom Cruise pick to portray him in the movie? The movie was entertaining, but there is such a big deal made in the books of Reacher's size that it is hard to accept Tom Cruise as him.

Posted by: Rex at October 25, 2013 10:18 AM

Had to catch up from last week. Glad youre back to work! Sorry you are missing out on full-time parent life.

I feel for you on the tv issue - I didnt have cable OR a fridge for 5 years and people thought I was crazy. But my son and I did fine, with fresh ingredidents which we bought daily. Now people do that on purpose (although they probably keep their fridge).

Think of yourself as a trendsetter way ahead of your time.

Posted by: That Girl at October 26, 2013 9:38 PM
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