November 19, 2013

Do Cancerous Neck Tumors Itch?

Sub-dermal bumps may be serious. You should check with your doctor immediately.

Thanks Google. Advice - never seek medical advice from the Internet unless you're willing to a) see disturbing imagery, b) hear horror stories from disgruntled patients and c) get no reliable medical advice whatsoever.

About two months ago, I discovered something weird on my face. It was like a tiny rash except when I conquered it in one place it moved on me. Evasive tactics. Smart little bugger. I went to the doctor and she prescribed all kinds of wonderful topical creams. Except they did very little. In fact, the rash got pissed and declared all-out war on both the left and right theaters of the war on my head and struck a low blow to my neck. A second visit to the doctor yielded a referral to a dermatologist who I am hoping will prove the Hiroshima to this little metaphor but I won't know for another two weeks since, well, the Enola Gay is booked solid for a couple weeks. In the mean time, I've been advised not to shave and grown something of a beard which insulates me from the stares of frightened little children.

Yes, I'm so vain that I'm pretty sure that song is about me.

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