March 25, 2014

Gone In A Flash

After months of begging, pleading and reminding, Owen finally got a guinea pig. Three weeks ago, we went to the pet store and found possibly the most adorable rodent I've ever laid eyes on. He was tiny but adorable. Owen fell in love. Owen named him Flash. Flash Thompson. We brought him home, assembled his cage, shoved food and hay in his general direction and let him be. Throughout the week we cuddled him. He loved nothing more than to climb into Beth's shirt (something Flash and I share).

Two weeks ago, while the girls were involved in a Girl Scout event, I went to check on Flash Thompson and found him dead. I was devastated. First, he was cute but mostly I knew that Owen would be crushed. I went downstairs where Owen and I had been playing Legos, and broke the news. He immediately put his head in his hands and began sobbing. I had a hard time not sobbing myself.

We're guinea pig veterans. Okay, we haven't had a million of the things but we have Anderson (who is the most awesome rodent alive) and we've managed not to kill him. We all agreed - Beth, Owen, Mia, me and the pet store - that Flash Thompson was sick when we got him.

Of course later that Saturday afternoon, we went to the pet store and found a replacement. Flash Thompson (Part Two) is a gigantic, and beautifully colored, guinea pig. Owen chose him because he was huge, the opposite of the original Flash Thompson, and perhaps less fragile. Two weeks in, Flash is doing great. Still a little skittish, but pretty damn cool.

R.I.P. Flash Thompson The First.

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March 18, 2014

Snow Day #11

The kids celebrated their eleventh snow day of the year yesterday. Me, well, I was home but I worked. But of course I took the time to have a little fun.

We went sledding, I went headfirst down a playground slide covered with snow and almost broke my face, we built a snowman (or, rather, a snow gorilla) and had the most epic snowball fight of the year.

It was fun. But now I need spring.

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March 17, 2014

Eight Inches

Today is St. Patrick's day. There are eight inches of snow on the ground. This is a weird convergence of things that do not ordinarily belong together.

I'm from Texas. The one time it snowed when I was a kid, businesses and schools shut down. There was maybe an eighth of an inch of snow on the ground when all was said and done but it was a novelty. After moving to Washington, snow was still something of a novelty. While everyone went nuts, shopped for toilet paper, and forgot how to drive, cursing the snow gods, I loved it.

Notice how I'm using the past tense here?

Spring could arrive any minute now and I'd be a happy man.

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Haiku For Monday #480

Snow day eleven
for the kids. Is it okay
to start drinking yet?

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March 7, 2014


This morning was weird. And kinda cool.

Normally my Friday mornings are spent in my office, chugging coffee and trying to get all the stuff done that I haven't managed to accomplish during the first four days of the week. But this morning I found myself on a comfy chair, microphone clipped to my lapel, talking to 300 people about my job. I was an "expert panelist."

I was told that I was articulate, knowledgable and funny. I'm not sure if that's true but I'm pretty confident that I didn't completely embarrass myself.

I learned a couple of things. (1) I actually enjoy public speaking. (2) I'm good at my job, at least, good enough that I can talk about it, sound reasonable, and avoid having people in the audience shake their heads and throw things. (3) I'm a grown up.

It's the grown up thing that mystifies me most. Because how in the hell did that happen?

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