November 13, 2003

Individual History

I posted an entry on Vetrans' Day that I got a lot of interesting feedback about and I ended up having some good discussions with some of you.

Through discussing it, I wound up saying some of the same things a few times. I thought I'd repeat it here because I believe it to be truly important.

Despite the fact that I'm a computer geek by trade, I have a degree in history, specifically Asian history. I discovered that the history we're taught centers around leaders, countries or large groups of people. It ignores the individual stories and everyone has a story.

The picture above was taken at the American cemetary at Omaha Beach. Every name on every cross has a story. Some are probably written down somewhere, captured by loved ones but others are surely lost. Its our job to capture our stories, the stories of our families and loved ones, so future generations may profit from the lessons we've learned.

Posted by Chris at November 13, 2003 08:18 AM