August 20, 2003

Variety Pack

Because of the technical issues I managed to create for myself yesterday, I didnít have the opportunity to get anything off my chest so I've got a lot on my mind. Like this:

Issue One:
Iíve never exactly hidden the fact that I donít agree with current policy on Iraq. Iím not convinced that we ever met the burden of proof necessary to go in there in the first place but thatís water under the bridge. What Iím sure of is that we were not prepared to reconstruct the country and thus, lost any opportunity we had of winning over skeptical Iraqi citizens. Aid trucks should have been swarming into the cities as soon as hostilities were over, engineers should have immediately begun restoring power and water and construction teams should have begun clearing debris, making it possible for the innocent people caught up in all this to return to their lives, hopefully made better by the removal of an authoritarian government. None of this happened and while the motives for the UN bombing yesterday still remain a mystery, I canít help but think that if we had done a better job, the Iraqi people wouldnít see as great a need to resort to violence.

Issue Two:
Iím a vegetarian and really donít miss meat all that much. But the meat I do miss more than any is bacon. Iím certainly pleased that thereís a whole show devoted to it.

"The pungent aroma announced to passers-by
that the second annual Bacon Show was on. And
if the smell didn't bring people in, maybe the man
dressed in a bright pink pig costume would."

Issue Three:
Is this the reason I have some anger management issues?

Me: "Did you see that email from -------?"
Her: "Yeah"
Me: "Thatís got a virus attached to it. Donít open it!"
Her: "So, what do I do?"
Me: "Well, if you donít open it and just delete the email, youíll be fine."

10 minutes pass

Her: "Hey Chris. I think Iíve got the virus."
Me: "Huh?"
Her: "Yeah, I opened that attachment on that email you were talking about."

Posted by Chris at August 20, 2003 10:23 AM

Neither am I convinced of the WMD justification. In fact, I'm convince

Posted by: joeblows at December 6, 2003 03:31 PM

d that we did not meet the justification. To your point of rushing aid and workers in... this is silly. The country was/is not secure enough to allow for civilians to enter. Maybe this should have been prethought, but Bush is more knee-jerk, than thought out, in my humble opinion.

Posted by: joeblows at December 6, 2003 03:33 PM