August 14, 2003

Dear Ani

Dear Ani,

Iím glad you decided to stop and spend some time with us last night. It was great seeing you as always. The last few times you blew through town, you brought a lot of people with you and while that was cool there was something special about you, onstage alone, that acoustic guitar over your shoulder looking huge on that tiny body. For someone so little you are such a huge presence, filling that place, that giant tree house, with your voice and that unconventional strumming of your acoustic guitar. You giggled, you rambled and you screwed up once or twice but we didnít care Ė we were just enjoying the evening and listening to what you had to say.


(if you have a chance, catch Ani on tour and support this incredible musician and person.)

Posted by Chris at August 14, 2003 10:26 AM