September 17, 2003


Over here on the left coast we're all waiting for Isabel to arrive. We're obviously looking forward to meeting her and we've all bought toilet paper, bread and batteries as gifts.

[An aside - why do people buy toilet paper whenever a hurricane or big snowstorm hits? Do people actually go to the bathroom more frequently during adverse weather events?]

Predictably, Home Depot's out of generators, flashlights, batteries and ply wood. Stores are drained of their bottled water. Patio furniture's been stowed, basketball hoops taken down, gutters cleaned.

We'll see in the coming days if we actually needed all this crap. Me? No, I was set with my normal amount of toilet paper. Water? Well, there's going to be enough of that coming down, don't you think?

Posted by Chris at September 17, 2003 11:17 AM