December 31, 2003

Happy New Year

Its that time of year again - time to get rid of all those old calendars and break out the new ones you got for Christmas, time to get used to writing "04" on your checks (does anyone still write checks anymore?).

Thank you all for hanging with me in 2003. I appreciate you, your comments and your friendship more than I could ever begin to express. When I first started Rude Cactus six months ago, I never imagined how wonderful and rewarding this was going to be. And that's due to you.

Have a great (and safe) New Year's Eve and I wish each of you all the best for 2004.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Chris at December 31, 2003 07:53 AM

Happy New Year, Chris!

(And, yes, I still write checks - I'm old and set in my ways!)

Posted by: Empress at December 31, 2003 08:16 AM

Happy New Year! (And, yes, I also still write checks) until next year/tomorrow when I set up online bill pay.

Posted by: Krush at December 31, 2003 08:24 AM

Happy New Year Babes!

Posted by: Cheeky Girl at December 31, 2003 08:43 AM

Enjoy yourself, toots.

Posted by: Marie at December 31, 2003 08:44 AM

Checks don't exist in Sweden ;) People ONLY use debit cards. I have yet to find anyone who uses a credit card even. Hrmmm...

HAPPY NEW YEAR CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seeyouontheflipside ;)

Posted by: Irma at December 31, 2003 08:45 AM

Happy New Year! I wish you the best!

Posted by: FN at December 31, 2003 08:51 AM

Have a great one. There you go getting all mushy and stuff. :) I don't write cheque's anymore, but it will be hard with all the paper I push here at work.

Posted by: Kimmie at December 31, 2003 08:54 AM

Being that I just recently found your site, I'll say see you next year!

Posted by: Charlene at December 31, 2003 09:21 AM

I'm surprised you've only had the domain for six months! you seem like a natural blogger and have held up your site really well for the short time that I've known ya.

and how did you know I got a calendar for christmas? :)

not to mention - YES, I still write checks, thank you.

I may not have known you in the beginning of 2003, but I'm sure glad to end it with you.. and get to start in the new year with you, too! you rock. *hug*

Posted by: jessica at December 31, 2003 09:29 AM

Happy new year to you too, dude. I'm right there with you about the blog thing. I am enjoying it all...a little too much perhaps :-)

Posted by: Rob at December 31, 2003 10:24 AM

happy new year, hon...was great getting to know you this year :) one of the few highlights of my year, to be sure!

Posted by: azure at December 31, 2003 10:30 AM

Happy New Year! I am check free as much as I possibly can be. You've been doing this only 6 months? Doesn't it seem longer? You are a pro!

Posted by: Alicia at December 31, 2003 10:40 AM

Happy new year Chris! ~ I think I will start reading your page next year :)

Posted by: Amber at December 31, 2003 11:00 AM

I write about 3 checks a week. I damn all companies that do not allow online bill pay!

Happy new year, Chris! Have wonderful, drunken celebrations and take pictures!

Posted by: Annie J. at December 31, 2003 11:16 AM

happy new year to you too! its been fun getting to know you through your site. i just started blogging in october and have met some cool people as well!


Posted by: Annie at December 31, 2003 11:17 AM

I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I'm new to the Blog world, so this is my first post ever. And yes, I still write checks (but only to pay my bills).

Peace & Happy New Year!!

Posted by: Missy at December 31, 2003 01:05 PM

I have checks, but don't use them much lol
I've really enjoyed reading your blog ever since I came across it. It's in my top 5 reads, no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to reading all about 2004 in your world. Happy New Years!

Posted by: Jaded Angel at December 31, 2003 02:12 PM

It's been great hanging out here with you Chris. Wish I had found you sooner :o) But alas, you'll be around in '04 and I'm looking forward to hanging out here then too.

And yup, I still write checks, never did bother with a debit card..Call me lazy or old fashioned.

Have a wonderful New Year too!

Posted by: seger at December 31, 2003 03:37 PM

Happy New Year!
Wishing you the best for '04:)

Posted by: Adrienne at December 31, 2003 05:06 PM


Posted by: Mark at December 31, 2003 10:12 PM

Happy Yew Near!

Posted by: Annessa at December 31, 2003 11:14 PM

Awww. I am so grateful for everyone I have found out here in blogland too. Happy New Year!!!

Posted by: Hunter at January 1, 2004 01:17 AM

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Ginny at January 1, 2004 11:19 AM

I must agree with you. Blogging is a good thing to do. I find it a very pleasant way to pass from my working day to my home life. A real relaxer.

Happy New Year

Posted by: cassie-b at January 1, 2004 02:13 PM

happy happy happy new year! woo hoo! hehe

Posted by: tiffanie at January 1, 2004 02:52 PM

Happy New Year, Chris! I am very to glad to have met you, too!

Posted by: Jane at January 1, 2004 03:50 PM

The reason we 'hang with you' is because you are a true delight to read and you make people wanna come back. Here's hoping the best to you and your family for the New Year.

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