February 04, 2004

Private Dancer

I've had the same song stuck in my head since Sunday. While my wife was on the computer and I was getting ready to jump in the shower, I thought I'd share my pain.

Me: Private Dancer by Tina Turner. Its been stuck in my head for the last two days. Its your turn.
Her: Gee, thanks. ::begins singing song::

Five minutes later - I'm in the shower and the door is abruptly opened.

Me: Hi.
Her: Two things. First, fuck you. And second ::begins singing song::

Posted by Chris at February 4, 2004 07:22 AM

*cracks up* that was hysterical. "first, fuck you." That's priceless. :D

Posted by: Jessica at February 4, 2004 07:43 AM

Oh thanks a lot, my day was already not shaping up well. Just for that, [ahem]:

"She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes
She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes
She'll be comin' round the mountain
She'll be comin' round the mountain
She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes..."

Posted by: Mindy at February 4, 2004 08:41 AM


"Smelly cat, smelly cat...
What are they feeding you?"

"Smelly cat, smelly cat...
It's not your fault..."

Posted by: wlfldy at February 4, 2004 08:49 AM

Makes 'Private Dancer' pretty premo...

Posted by: wlfldy at February 4, 2004 08:50 AM

Man. That just kicked my song-virus into overdrive... I've been song-virus free for a couple days now. I'm not sure WHAT to expect.

Posted by: Tara at February 4, 2004 09:32 AM

I know there was a point about annoying songs in there somewhere, but I naturally got fixated on the shower bit.

Thanks =)

Posted by: Marie at February 4, 2004 10:07 AM

Hmmm. Well, whenever someone mentions a song that gets stuck in your head I immediately think of the one that gets stuck in my head. This, of course, gets it stuck in my head. So, in the interest of keeping everyone else sane I will let you know that it is a never ending song. One which, if you babysat in the 80s and early 90s, or had small siblings or children at that time, you might have heard a little lamb singing.

Posted by: Del at February 4, 2004 10:22 AM

Hahaha Fuck you!

Posted by: Cheeky Girl at February 4, 2004 10:47 AM

damn you. lol. now it's stuck in MY head and a i only know a handful of the lyrics, so you can only imagine the gibberish going on in there.

Posted by: tiffanie at February 4, 2004 11:23 AM

Try "She Drives Me Crazy." That one really sticks in my head. But Private Dancer does it, too.

Posted by: Anne at February 4, 2004 11:32 AM

dammit! that song is stuck in my head now. no wait... its gone. i tried to think of another song to replace. and now i'm stuck with 'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...' i don't know which is worse. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Posted by: loon at February 4, 2004 11:40 AM

Thanks Chris....

"....a dancer for money...."

Posted by: Kimmie at February 4, 2004 12:06 PM

It could be worse...

Big Red Car
We're driving near
and we're driving Fa-a-a-a-a-r...

...but still bad.

Posted by: Kelly at February 4, 2004 02:03 PM

okay, i once put "the song that never ends" on my page at college--i copied and pasted over and over for about 35 pages, i think it was...

and now you've got me thinking;
when i saw "Private Dancer"
my first thought was that santa's team
is in the reserve, and had been sent to Iraq...

and i started thinking elton john:
"Hold me closer, Private Dancer,
dodge the bombs along the highway.
Lay me down in sheets of canvas,
I'm in the body count today."

Posted by: stacy at February 4, 2004 03:02 PM

hehe that reminds me of when my hubby got Eddie Murphy's song "Party All the Time" stuck in my head. I told him that every time it ran through my head I was going to sing it out loud so he'd have to suffer, too. Didn't take long before he was trying ANYTHING to get that song out of my head ;)

Posted by: pie at February 4, 2004 04:34 PM

I second her emotions :P I now have that song stuck in my head. THANKS a lot :P

Posted by: Rachel in Alaska at February 4, 2004 04:47 PM

Oh we do that ALL the time. This morning it was fault.. and the song of choice was the theme to "Fab 5"

Um.. I mean Queer Eye, for you Stateside ;)

Posted by: Irma at February 4, 2004 06:12 PM

*my fault... MY FAULT. It's late. I've skipped all proof-reading this evening....

Posted by: Irma at February 4, 2004 06:12 PM

Try "Nobody Told Me" - John Lennon. It's been stuck in my head for days.

Posted by: Maureen at February 4, 2004 08:38 PM

LMAO :) I'll second that. Thanks. Now it's my turn, I'll only say: "Wake me up before you go go" :)

Posted by: Sweety at February 5, 2004 03:11 AM