April 14, 2004

Playing Catch-up

Yesterday I was busy and in a funk so my level of blogging was a little on the weak side...so I'll take this opportunity to catch up on some stuff.

Dubya: Really I would have preferred to watch John Stevens sing for an hour. It probably would have been more coherent. While I thought Dubya's speech portion of the evening was above average (he didn't do the stupid Dubya sneer/smile as much, nor did he invent new words) the Q&A was a miserable failure. I'm not sure I actually heard him answer any of the questions - instead we were treated to a rare glimpse of Dubya's mind in action. It was almost as if he was thinking out loud. I continually wondered if he knew we could hear him. No second term for you. Thank you for playing. Next!

Lunch: I had a very nice lunch with Amy. Despite the uber-crappy weather, we had good food and good conversation but no mutant strawberries. Here's a picture. No, this isn't the same picture from last time. Of course I didn't just Photoshop the old picture. See, its raining in this one. It has to be real!

Movies: We watched a couple of movies over the weekend, both fluff action flix. Xmen - the first one cos yes, we have been living in a cave thank you very much - was pretty damn decent. Lots of fun. Underworld, however, was not. Cate Beckinsdale Kate Beckinsale (thanks for the spelling catch, Marie) was really the only good reason to watch this one, which was basically The Matrix with vampires and stuff. I was not impressed.

Feel good link of the week: Who Is That With Jeremy?

Posted by Chris at April 14, 2004 09:08 AM

her name is Kate Beckinsale

Posted by: Marie at April 14, 2004 10:19 AM

I refused to watch the prez last night, his syntax just annoys me too much. I watched Litte Nikita instead. The Jeremy site, I was laughing so hard, what a bizarre thing to do!

Posted by: Oliquig at April 14, 2004 10:56 AM

ohmigod...i need a baby.

Posted by: laura at April 14, 2004 12:53 PM

That Jeremy site is awesome! Plus, what a cute baby?

Also, Underworld didn't do much for me either. A friend lent me the DVD and told me I HAD to see it, and the whole time I was just like, "OK... so?" Not a fan.

Posted by: Dawnie at April 14, 2004 01:42 PM

so. so. cute. must resist the urge to procreate...

Posted by: Heather at April 14, 2004 02:04 PM

I just mentioned Jeremy on my site. So cute!

Posted by: cassie-b at April 14, 2004 04:38 PM

Mentioned Jeremy to friend/blogger that does the "hip clicks" blog for usatoday.com. She posted the link. Fun stuff. Who knew a baby would created such a stir? Totally sucked ass that the pres was on every fricken channel last night. I went to bed.

Posted by: myllissa at April 14, 2004 04:46 PM

That little brat got to meet JERRY STILLER!

woah, sorry, my jealousy took over. He's adorable

Posted by: yvonne at April 14, 2004 05:01 PM

LOL....rare glimpse of his mind in action. Was there any action really there? Hee,hee!

Posted by: Nicole at April 14, 2004 10:03 PM

I didn't watch Dubya, because I didn't want to fall asleep. I'm glad you were able to stay awake through that torture!

Great photo!

About Underworld, this guy I used to work with said the exact same thing about it as you did. He only wanted to see it because of Kate. :) Did you ever see that movie she was in called Laurel Canyon? I saw that last week on HBO.

Posted by: Dawn at April 15, 2004 02:11 AM