April 16, 2004

Wise Words From Readers

Already did my friday happy dance of joy. Course i looked like a spastic giraffe with leg cramps doing it, but it's done. Graceful, i'm not.

no time to dance, too busy avoiding work and staring out the window.

I almost died laughing about your mother's hat. Everyone should have a mother like that. Or at least an aunt.

I love that the confusion was simpley rolled into acceptance.

I think I've found my new pickup line: "Hey baby, you want to be my political refugee?"

I almost snorted salad dressing out my nose...WE have a token Middle-Eastern political refugee in the fam! No one knows what he's saying, and my dad mostly asks repeatedly, "you don't eat pork? pork is good! are you sure you don't eat it?"

Although I? Am a SAINT. Because I sat through lunch with an ALREADY POSSIBLY BROKEN FOOT.

you also jump up and down on beds and smash your head into ceilings. nobody's perfect ;)

How funny Chris...you have a cat who is more like a dog...and I have a dog who acts more like a cat...

I use to think... 'Now wouldn't it be nice to meet Chris and Beth when they're over on their next European tour', but ta hell with that!! I wanna meet chore mamma!!!

After being away from "The Rude" for a few days, I'm still the #1 commenter on this post? Well, **I** at least thought it was interesting...

i cant say anything. my mother used to bedazzle her clothing.

What is this "happy" of which you speak? I'm too tired to drum up that kind of energy. Email me some caffeine and we'll talk.

Posted by Chris at April 16, 2004 04:08 PM

BTW... I love this little Friday round-up ritual - Damn we're funny!!!

Posted by: amber at April 18, 2004 08:18 PM