May 01, 2004

Wise Words From Readers

I was a little busy last weeked and I do believe I forgot to post some of the many wise things you said last week. But I did not forget this week! So, for your reading pleasure, I give you just a sampling of the many wonderful comments you made this week! Enjoy.

Nothing says happy bithday quite like cupcakes that smell/taste like dog-ass. =)

But I had normal flavor cupcakes, not ass flavor ones. I mean, I love cupcakes, but I'd draw the line at eating one a dog had sat on.

My sister and I were lucky that both our birthdays fell during summer/Christmas vacations, because otherwise, we would have received major beat-downs from our classmates for bringing in boxes of raisins instead of cupcakes. Thanks, mom.

That reminds me of an excellent time in which my dog threw up carrots (don't ask how he got them) on my birthday cake when I was 7.

Ya glutton!

And I'm very happy to know I'm not only one left who's NOT working out and on a Atkins diet :)

i'm listening to that no-talent-ass-clown sing right now. i'm shocked and amazed he's even still in this thing

Ass hair, please.

Mullet? Did I read that right?

Man, I had almost forgotten how much school sucks.

Permed bangs and the stupidest, lamest injury story ever. I suffered for this until graduation.

spank that monkey or beat that dead horse...I'm living spring vicariously through you

Stigmata? Scary as shit. Ed McMahon bleeding from his eyeballs? HILARIOUS.
-The New Jan Brady

I will refrain from posting mine re: Ed McMahon and forcible sodomy. Me being the delicate little flower and all.

Posted by Chris at May 1, 2004 10:59 AM

You need to print some of these on t-shirts. For real.

Posted by: amalah at May 3, 2004 11:19 AM

Oooh! Ooh! I want to help! I have a store all set up and everything! I know how to make the t-shirts! I wanna be cool! And I want Amy to love me EVEN MORE.

Posted by: Mindy at May 3, 2004 08:40 PM