July 12, 2004

Canadian Content

So, I forget exactly who lead me to Chrisí blog, but Iím glad because that last post about the Dental Hygienist is hilarious. Since itís Monday, and Iím really bored at work, and Chris has done such a bold thing, to open his blog up for all to post in, Iíll give you all a little treat.

For those of you that arenít familiar with Canadian band The Tragically Hip, well you should be. I mean, if youíve ever aspired to be another nationality (which is probably particularly enticing for some of you that oppose the war) itís easy to become a Canadian. For those of you already drinking Molson Canadian beer, itís even easier: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration will give out citizenships to anyone that can prove they have done a couple of the following:

  • Eaten at Tim Hortons (oh and ďRolled Up the RimĒ).
  • Consumed a two-four of Canadian.
  • Worn a toque.
  • Seen a Hip concert (four or seventeen times).
  • Put Maple Syrup on sausages or bacon.
  • Trashed the country next door to them.
  • Dissedí the Bare Naked Ladies (for being such sell-out bitches).
  • Dissedí Rush. (for being Rush)
  • Complained about the value of the Canadian ruble.
  • Went on vacation (completely legally) to Cuba , and brought back some big fat Cuban cigars (and declared them to customs).

Anyway all this drivel is leading up to something. Chris, youíre really, really brave to let random people have access to your blog and for that I gotta give you some props. You never know what might happen. To reward you, hereís something Iím too scared to put on my own blog for fear someone that knows her knows me and Iíll get in trouble (after all, us Canadians, we all know each otheróeh.)Ö

Some photos from the hip show! Yay:

The first one, a completely innocent shot of Gordie, doiní his thing:

A nice girl in the audience that knows how to please the dudes (also completely legal in Ontario, Canada ) take note of the youngster in the bottom right hand cornerólucky guy:

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I heart Tim-bits!

Posted by: GranolaSpice at July 12, 2004 01:55 PM

i've put a comment on every post,
and i know what you expect now--

an amusing
take off, eh?

Posted by: stacy at July 12, 2004 07:37 PM