July 12, 2004

Granola's entry

Hi there! Well….um, yeah.
When I was 9, and in third grade, we used to have lots of sleepovers. Not so much pillow fighting in our underwear sleepovers, but wholesome NINE year old sleepovers. And if you were thinking of the former type, well I think you and Principal Ed Rooney have more in common than is you should. Perv! But, like I was saying…we used to totally lip-synch to songs in-the-round. Meaning? That one person was the “song master” and they’d hold the flashlight and whomever was being shined upon had to act out the lip-synch. The standard line was, “spotlight’s on you babe”. Because we were SO Hollywood.

That’s what this made me think of.

But I really felt that I should write something because as it turns out Mr. Cactus is my long lost brother. That is, if the private dick we hired ever finds that traveling salesman. I think he’s a little caught up right now (being suspended in a jar and all).

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that's good;
especially the disarming lead in...

Posted by: stacy at July 12, 2004 07:46 PM