July 12, 2004

Dreaming of Rude Cactus

Hey Chris, its goodsnake! I could not let your guest blogging day pass without posting something. Even if it is as mundane as this note. You know I wake up in the morning and your blog is one of the first things I read in the morning. So on days like today when there is nothing there to read... it is distressing. You are my mental cup of coffee. Today was a rest day in the Tour de France too, so I missed out on all my favorite things, on top of that it was a MONDAY!!! I posted a note to Zandria on my blog today. I swear, that when she gets back from Holland, if this blogging family is not a memory, I am coming up to the great state of Virginia and meeting you all, and now meeting Mrs. Cactus counts too, although I have been reading her blog since a while back when I discovered it when she posted a Hiaku with the link. I mean, how many people have a cat named Pixel. Hope your mind comes back soon, cause mental caffene withdrawl sucks!

Posted by at July 12, 2004 09:22 PM

Oh, that is too funny! ZAN, coming back from Holland and realizing that blogging is a distant memory? Since I'll be posting while I'm gone, I seriously doubt that's going to happen. But I could always "SAY" that's the case, if it'll make Goodsnake come for a visit...how cool would THAT be?? :)

Posted by: Zandria at July 13, 2004 09:58 PM

By the way (forgetting to comment on this before)...so THAT'S how some people figured out Mrs. Cactus had a website? Because she posted a haiku and included her real web address...and used "Pixel" as a clue? I guess I'll have to be more diligent about scrolling through those HUNDREDS of Thursday entries... :)

Posted by: Zandria at July 13, 2004 10:02 PM