September 23, 2004

Audioblog: Over To You!

Yes, I'm really lazy. So I'm relying on you to help me out. Yes its that time again...ask me questions!!

Posted by Chris at September 23, 2004 05:42 PM

Woohoo! First question, it's alllll me! :) Okay, so we know you're Mr. Cactus, we know that you like to think that cactus is rude, but what *is* that cactus? Is it an ocotillo? A saguaro? A pickley-pear? Or one of those awful ones that dare to look all fuzzy, but when you touch 'em, you end up with a million tiny little thorns embedded in your skin?
So, Cactus, what species of cacti are you, anyway?

Posted by: Heather at September 23, 2004 06:33 PM

You said that you're highly caffeinated, so what's your absolute FAVORITE caffeinated beverage??

Posted by: Rachael at September 23, 2004 07:02 PM

Seeing as though my question can be answered with one word, I'll ask a few, just because I'm a commenting-hog like that. But, feel free to elaborate all you'd like ;)

Plant or Page?
Muhammed Ali or Mike Tyson?
Lennon or McCartney?
Rip Taylor or Rip Torn?
Rambo or Rocky?
The Grateful Dead or Phish?
90210 or Melrose Place?
Punky Brewster or Pippi Longstocking?
Shel Silverstein or Dr. Seuss?
Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder?
Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter?
Whammy bar or Wah pedal?
Potato chips or Goldfish?
Letterman or Leno?
Guns N' Roses or Motley Crue?
Movies: Renting or Theaters?

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at September 23, 2004 07:11 PM

Bono or The Edge?
On the Don and Mike Show- who is your fav. one on it?

MORE LATER! (I am in the midst of doing AP Psychology homework)

Posted by: Maureen at September 23, 2004 08:13 PM

How did you ever convince such a beautiful, funny, brilliant, talented, sexy woman to marry you? The world wants to know.

Posted by: The Missus at September 23, 2004 08:15 PM

The ages old question:

Less filling, or tastes great?

Posted by: sledge at September 23, 2004 09:07 PM

You receive a secret love note from someone, complete with nude pictures (hiding her identity but showing enough to interest you) asking you to meet her somewhere for a ren-dez-vous. She tells you NOT to tell your wife.

Like the fool that men are, you tell your wife about it and she smiles and says, "Go ahead, it might be funny. I trust you."

Do you:

1) Stay home, knowing that its a female trick to test your loyalty and she probably set it all up anyway?

2) Go because its probably something she set up to be sneaky and romantic without involving a plastic cup and '70's porn, and she'll be completely heart broken if you don't do it because she's been planning it for months?

Posted by: Jon in Michigan at September 23, 2004 09:24 PM

Boxers, briefs or commando?

Posted by: doulazanie at September 23, 2004 09:30 PM

re: the bizarre ice cream incident ... What flavor?

Posted by: LOUP at September 23, 2004 09:41 PM

How old were you when you had your first sexual experience and how many had you had before the misses made an honest man out of you?

Posted by: goodsnake at September 24, 2004 12:51 AM

Okay, when you said but don't click now or you'll cut me off? I was so on my way to clicking the button. Uh...oops.
What to ask the cactus...well, not the same thing as goodsnake, as me being me, I'd turn all sorts of different red colours. Yes, I said colours. Shaddup. Um...if you could choose one superpower what would it be? You know, to complement your wife's alter ego of "The Pantless Wonder".

Posted by: Heather at September 24, 2004 01:33 AM

LOL. These are all good questions! I have to think hard here to come up with one since I'm brain dead right now....

Mmmmkay...when are you gonna grace us with that audio of you playing something on guitar??? I mean...since now that you have the technology to deliver and all. :)

Posted by: groovebunny at September 24, 2004 02:20 AM

I'm with Groovebunny, play something for us :))

1. Have you ever got emotional by looking at a piece of art, like a painting or a statue? What was it?

2. Do you always remember your dreams?

3. Will you show me & Mr Sweety around Washington if we ever visit?

4. What advice would you give me & Mr Sweety if we ever come & live in the US?

5. Ever had cartoon characters on you boxers?

Okay, I'm back to doing homework :)))

Posted by: Sweety at September 24, 2004 07:19 AM

I'm with groovebunny, it is far past time for you to ROCK OUT on the audioblog. Just sayin' -

if you were to hand select a menu, of all of your favorite foods and wines, what would you choose, for a perfect meal?

what do you really think about the state of popular music right now? Does it scare the shit out of you? Depress you? Or did you buy an Usher CD?

Posted by: samantha at September 24, 2004 08:28 AM

originally i was going to ask questions like "do you pee in the shower," "after you blow your nose do you look in the tissue" and "having been born outside the US are you 'intact'" but after reading what others have asked those seem a little, ummm, well, trashy (but feel free to answer them anyway).

so, here's my real questions...
if/when i go to DC what are the 3 places i HAVE TO SEE... and they don't have to be touristy spots (i've never been there). i'll show you and the missus around boston if you show me and the boys (that would be hubby and child) around DC sometime.

you're a vegetarian, what prompted that? have you tried Trader Joe's Soycutash? (its real yummy)

you're a avid, rabid reader, do you prefer one specific genre or do you read all over the map?

that'll do cactus.

Posted by: monique at September 24, 2004 08:47 AM

Oooh... Behind the Cactus...

When was the last time you cleaned out your car?

Out of your insanely large CD collection, which ONE is your absolute all-time favorite?

Posted by: Dawnie at September 24, 2004 09:27 AM

What are you and Mrs. Cactus doing for your fifth anniversary?

Posted by: Kelley at September 24, 2004 11:13 AM

What's your favorite Halloween Candy?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Do you dress your cats up for Halloween?

(I like to be season specific with my questions b/c I'm nutty like that.)

Posted by: Zoot at September 24, 2004 11:23 AM

Would you stop shopping at TARGET (or another favourite store) if you found out they were irresponsibly contributing to some world misery? Like slavery or child prostitution or something?

NOT saying anything here. I love Target. It's just a question.

Posted by: Shiz at September 24, 2004 11:29 AM

Oh! I've more! Must be cause I'm on my third cup of coffee this morning. :)

Mmmkay...what's your happiest memory from your life thus far.

Your life overall...the grass in greener on the other side or the grass is just lovely where you are?

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Do you even know what a wood chuck is?

Favorite line from a movie?

Favorite thing about yourself?

Most unfavorite thing about yourself?

Do you dream in color?

Do you snore?

I know you've written somewhere here that Mrs. Cactus works out in the morning before work, while you make your coffee and donut in an arm wrestling battle, who would be the victor? You or Mrs. Cactus?

So we've seen shots of your fabulous shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Do the shoes make the man or the man makes the shoes?

What would you do if you were in the shower and a very large spider appeared from no where and landed on your face?

Do you sing in the shower?

Do you have any holes in your socks?

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the one thing you could not live with?

If you had the opportunity to say one thing to the entire world, where everyone was listening to you at once, what would that one thing be?

I've got a ton more, but okay I'll stop! lol :)

Posted by: groovebunny at September 24, 2004 11:33 AM

How did you get hooked up with the JLB?

Posted by: Genuine at September 24, 2004 12:04 PM

How'd you and your missus meet? Was she charmed right away or did you have to convince her?

And the one that speaks volumes, Coke or Pepsi?

Posted by: bond girl at September 24, 2004 01:05 PM

Red or Green Apples? And what do you make of the theory that Smurfette was actually a guy in drag?

Posted by: bmh at September 24, 2004 01:06 PM

I'm new to your blog so I have to know just what the hell is the 'Judith Light Brigade' besides a collection of great blogs? And who came up with such a brilliant name for this troupe?

Second question: Your top 5 films (in any order).

Posted by: Retro Girl at September 24, 2004 03:45 PM

My friend wants to learn how to play the guitar...and lessons will be in her future very soon...but I was wondering if you have any suggestions for books or videos as well that I can pass along to her??? Or words of wisdom? Or both. :)

Posted by: Amy at September 24, 2004 04:34 PM

You are quite the writer. If you could quit your job and just write, what would you write? Fiction? Social history? Journalism?

And why do you feel that draw?

Posted by: alektra at September 24, 2004 08:33 PM

oh oh oh i have a couple more...

tell us about your most romantic night with the missus AND tell us the most bizarre place you've done it (you know, made the beast with 2 backs, bumped uglies, knocked boots...)

Posted by: monique at September 24, 2004 09:53 PM

Okay. You've read a zillion and a half books in your life. What are your top five books?

Also, what's your favorite song? [For me, it's hard to narrow it down to one, so pick a few, if you have to.]

Posted by: Manda at September 24, 2004 09:58 PM

What is your favorite "guilty pleasure" movie and band that you might be embarressed to admit to your friends?

Posted by: zenwanderer at September 24, 2004 11:38 PM

Oh! Oh! I have one more!

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Posted by: Jon in Michigan at September 25, 2004 08:31 PM

Nothing funny or pithy, here,just a real-live question I've been wanting to ask you. What kind of camera do you use? I hope to buy a new one soon and I'm looking for suggestions. The pics off my current one are usually crummy. I'm *pretty* sure the problem is that I suck at taking photographs but, hey, couldn't hurt to try a new camera, right?

Posted by: Mary at September 26, 2004 01:50 AM

1.If you could be ANYONE famous or not, who would you be and why?
2.What is your favorite ritual?
3.Which Holiday is your favorite, and how do you celebrate it?
4.Will you EVER buy Mrs. Cactus a pet duck for her bathroom?

Posted by: gypsy at September 26, 2004 02:30 AM

If you had the power to change a moment in your personal life and therefore change the future, what would that moment be and why?

What does it take to be your valued friend?

Posted by: Lissa at September 26, 2004 02:57 PM