November 10, 2004

Bob Barker Shopped Here

Update: I realized only now this post didn't make a hell of a lot of sense as originally posted. I was tired. Really. There's got to be a flop post every now and then, right? Anyway, I fixed it. Hopefully.

If reports are to be believed, washed up (and quite possibly dead) gameshow hosts are signing for purchases all over the Washington DC area. Last week Bob Eubanks stopped off at the local Best Buy and bought indie tunage and the latest Aimee Mann DVD. Wink Martindale bought lightbulbs at Home Depot and yesterday afternoon Gong Show host Chuck Barris picked up ice cream, bread and cheese from the local grocery store.

Okay, okay. Maybe old gameshow hosts aren't running rampant, snatching up household items and groceries. Maybe - hypothetically speaking - someone is just signing all their credit and debit card receipts using washed up gameshow host names in an effort to toy with their bank. How far will I get before the bank calls?

Bob Eubanks
Wink Martindale
Chuck Barris
Jim Lange
Richard Dawson
Gene Rayburn
Bud Collyer
Monty Hall
Jim Perry
Bill Cullen

Posted by Chris at November 10, 2004 07:15 AM

Are you so sure Jack Berry's ghost isn't out there haunting auto dealers and mattress warehouses?

Posted by: teedz at November 10, 2004 09:08 AM

I think you only really need to be concerned if you see Bob Barker running through the streets. Then I suggest that you quickly get your wife indoors... and make sure every surrounding animal is spayed and neutered.

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at November 10, 2004 09:33 AM

Cool! If you somehow have access to their funds can you send some my way because I have a bunch of new cd's I want to order. :) And I'm with RSM, I've read Barker is a super freak with the libido of a thousand men all at once.

Posted by: charm at November 10, 2004 09:43 AM

I wonder if they made Bob guess his total before they rang it up.

Posted by: Rachael at November 10, 2004 10:29 AM

Wait-- you mean these guys are still alive??

Posted by: bmh at November 10, 2004 10:33 AM

That's funny, but what will you tell the bank if they do call?

Posted by: Mike at November 10, 2004 01:00 PM

Can't you get in trouble for that? I know the people who accept your signature and don't verify it are responsible (ie the sales clerks at stores) and you wouldn't be responsible for any charges if your credit card was stolen and used, but what's the recrimination for someone who signs fraudulent names with their own credit card? Does it mean you can get the stuff for free? Hmm...

Posted by: Kristi at November 10, 2004 01:26 PM

I play "Price is Right" with my customers all the time. It's great when they way overestimate though, because then they're all happy with their total, and they don't yet all me or anything.

Posted by: Heather at November 10, 2004 01:48 PM

I can't get over the fact that you knew all of their names!lol

Posted by: Jade at November 10, 2004 07:21 PM

I'm with remembered all their names!

Posted by: Kimmer at November 11, 2004 06:46 AM