November 11, 2004

Open Mic Thursday

I rolled out of a warm bed into a cold bedroom, drove into work despite the federal holiday (that we don't get off), and I'm now staring at my Outlook calendar in disbelief. Starting at 9:00 this morning, I'll essentially be in meetings until around 4:00 this afternoon. Instead of running screaming from the building, I guess I'll just tough it out and see what happens. So, talk amongst yourselves. No, really. Today has miraculously become Open Mic Thursday - in other words, your turn to say whatever it is you want to say here. Whatcha waiting for? Don't be shy!

Follow the link and login using the following information:
Username: Guest
Password: meeting$$uck

Don't let me down, tell all your friends and don't forget to sign your work.

Posted by Chris at November 11, 2004 08:18 PM

If you say so Chris.

Today the doctor is gona take my cast off my left arm, but I might put it on my other arm since it hurts a liitle because I jumped out my bedroom window to escape my big brothers newgys to my head, because they hurt!

After I see the doctor I'm gona make sure my grandma made it home ok, because she might still be on the bus!

Yesterday when I went shopping with grandma and we was on the Express lane, grandma said something to me that sounded like "Mur-ruh-ah-sa-ruh", and looked at me kinda funny, then everybody behind us said "not again", so I knew she went into her temporary coma.

Somebody then said "They need to make a lane for people like her", but I think if they did it would never move, which is not good.

I then went and paid for grandma's stuff with her money, and after 10 minutes somebody from the store brought me a thing called a dolly so I can wheel grandma away, and I did. When I made it to the entrance I herd somebody say "here you go", then all of a sudden grandma screamed and grabbed the dolly while I was pushing her, but I didn't stop because I think the people in the store wanted to kill her, so I guess I save her life. When I stopped and grandma felled off the dolly by accident she yelled "what the hell are you doing?", so I told her I was moving her, and she said "Ah-ruh-sa-muh" and went into her temporary coma again, so I put her in a shopping cart and pushed her home.

On the way to grandma's house I was stopped by the police because they thought I was stealing the shopping cart, but I told them I needed something to push grandma around, then the police man said that's what buses are for, and he's right. I couldn't pull grandma out of the shopping cart because it was to hard, so I wheeled it to some soft wet grass and tipped it slowly so she rolled out.

After the police man took the shopping cart away, grandma got up and asked what happened, so I told her she lost her ride, but then a bus came so grandma got on it, and looked back and didn't say a word, and while she was staring at me kinda funny the bus doors closed, and when it started to move she fell! I hope she's ok!

Grandma may not have to pay to ride a bus to our house today, because she might still be on it!

Posted by: Rockchild at November 11, 2004 08:20 AM

I'd make a guest post but I wouldn't want it to turn into a shameless plug. ;) Hope those meetings aren't too hard on you today.

Posted by: Carla at November 11, 2004 11:22 AM

hope your meetings go ok for you ... have a great day :) visit :)

Posted by: Rosie at November 11, 2004 11:33 AM

My daughter's high school had a Veteran's Day program where relatives of students were recognized with speeches, music, and an audio-visual presentation. It was very well done and it was nice to salute our soldiers from the various wars. Regardless of whether the wars were popular or not, these folks defended us and we are appreciative.

Posted by: ken at November 11, 2004 03:54 PM

I was watching Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and he commented that President Bush "made the pilgrimmage to Arlington National Cemetary today ... (for some strategic wreath placing I guess)..." Pilgrimmage? um ... isn't that just a few short minutes form the White House?

Posted by: Kymmie at November 11, 2004 07:22 PM

Ok. I missed it. Life called and I missed the Great Mr. Cactus' Open Mic day.....
See what happens when real life gets in da way?!
I feel like a total boob......

Posted by: Jade at November 12, 2004 08:55 PM