November 11, 2004

True Confessions

I've been a bad, bad girl. Chris is being gracious enough to allow me to let it all hang out over at his place....this way I can dish the dirt without airing it all out over at my place

I am guilty of:

*consuming an entire box of Girl Scout cookies

*failing to conceal my ear to ear grin during a parent/teacher conference in which I was informed that my daughter is a genius, and that although she is the envy of her classmates, she is very popular and well-loved

*being secretly smug that my professor singled out my essay to read in front of the class

*faking an orgasm. Hey, it was a *really* long night and it was only one out of FIVE!

*having a thing for these I know it's gross and I really only indulge in them once a year. For some reason, they just taste better when you purchase one at a gas station.

*blogging when I'm faced with an upcoming biology exam, a lit paper due, a play to read, and a five page essay to complete.

*being irrationally moved by a cd compilation that my trying-real-hard-not-to-officially-become-ex delivered to me last night.

*deciding the personal details of my life are ever fascinating and that everyone delights in reading about them.


Posted by at November 11, 2004 02:31 PM

He made you a mix tape? (I know, CD, but COME ON! Use your words, big boy.)

Posted by: Jenny at November 11, 2004 02:42 PM