November 11, 2004


You know, I've been thinking.. for a rude cactus you sure aren't very rude... I mean letting all us internet freaks run rampant on your stuff? I think we can safely conclude that Mrs. Cactus is worse. (I especially liked the one about giving himself a concusion while jumping on the bed ...hahahahhahahahahahha)

ehem.. anyway. So no one is too worried or has any trouble sleeping at night, my brain did not actually ever explode, though we had another two real close calls last night at about 2:13am when I couldn't remember how to write html.. But that's all behind us now ::brain swells:: though I still cannot remember much html. And I'm talking simple stuff... ::swweeelll:: like div tags and ::SWELLING:: fancy table stuff and ::!(*^(*$5&HG:: making my pictures stay where I want them-- my brain is very angry, and my hair smells funny and Maryjane keeps punching me in the nose.. stupid hypertextmarkuplanguage. I hate you and everything you're capable of. But you will NOT STOP ME. I have already come too far on my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::blood vessels popping::

Wait just a minute... ::goes over list with new additions::

check 1. find everything for greymatter.
not check 2. get cuteftp or some other program actually working.
::brain swelling:: 3. begin writing my html.
check 4. bring over-sized scanner to Corinna's house.
not check 4b. hardcore finish all the stamping because it seems that each image needs some stamping and I've saved it all for one stamp-a-thon.
um.. not check 5. scan layout images using over-sized scanner at Corinna's house.
>.> 6. upload and organize images scanned using over-sized scanner at Corinna's house using cuteftp or some other program which is now actually working.
................... 7. along with the html which I have now finished writing.
not even possible yet steps 8-27. go through and make everything actually work.
::instant death:: steps 28-53. get all my photography in order and some kind of gallery online again using the over-sized scanner at Corinna's house and uploading using cuteftp or some other program which should still be working.

So turns out... the over-sized scanner thing isn't going to work out because my mother decided that she was so organizationally advanced that she would take every important looking plug we've ever owned and throw it all together in a nice neatly closed and stored ziplock bag. THANKS MOM! So without the over-sized scanner (which is still at Corinna's house, just for show now I guess [ but it would make a GREAT paperweight at work, it's very large and heavy ] ) all the nice pictures I made are too large to scan! Which means all production has just stopped! Does anyone have a solution for me?! You see, I totally cheat on the whole internet graphics thing because.. I don't use photoshop.. at all.. ever. I actually make every layout by hand.. as in on paper, with stuff that's REAL!! Not 1's and 0's and other randomly weird characters I can't make! I like it better this way, except for when I can't scan any of them. Do I give up now? Or should I give it another 5 minutes? Blogger here I come, again.

Wew, ::2% pressure lifts off of brain:: this post was longer than I had expected, but I needed to get it out. I feel a tiny bit better, very tiny little bit.

My thanks go to a not-so-rude Cactus. Couldn't have done it without you buddy, ::patpat:: OW.. oohh the whole.. cactus thing - No it's ok, really, no no I'm fine it's just a little prickly..


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