November 11, 2004

Writer's Block

I write copy for a living. It's not my whole job, but it is a big part of what I do. I started a new project this week that involves a different kind of writing. I've been reading source material and turning ideas over in my head, and then I sat down today and THUD! ran right into a brick wall of uncreativity. I have sidebars. I have lots and lots of words. But I have no "hook", no thread to tie it all together.

And so, to avoid running down the hall screaming and tearing my hair out, today I have crossed every other item I could off my work list. I made little labels for my file drawers. I showed a co-worker who had never heard of Jude Law (!) just how cute he is. I read blogs. I sent my friends snarky emails about WalMart Wine. I got outraged that some ABC affiliates won't air Saving Private Ryan. And now, in desperation, I am turning to "write something completely different on someone else's blog" therapy.

And you know what? I think it is helping...yes, that just may be an idea forming in the back of my brain.

Thanks, Chris!

-- Bad Penguin

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