February 16, 2005

Dr. Evil

Wow, I am so excited! I've never been a guest blogger before. It's almost more than my mind can comprehend. I'm sorry to babble... it's just... SO EXCITING!

I'm sorry that you have to work, Chris. Don't worry, though, because my day will be worse! I am so very NOT excited today. I'm meeting a complete stranger, and it's not cool, because I am very, very shy. Plus, I try not to spread my legs for the first stranger that walks in the room. heh...

Oh yeah, today I get to meet and spread 'em for my brand spanking new gyno! SCORE!

Umm... I don't want to go. I made this appointment in NOVEMBER, though, and thats a very long time to wait and then not go. I mean, sure I could wait another 3 months, but, um... I kinda told everyone at work I was going, and they were all VERY excited for me. I think. Do you think my co-workers really care if I see a gyno? Hmm... I have to go and argue with myself for the next 8 hours...

Have a great day everyone!!

Mary Jo

Posted by at February 16, 2005 10:17 AM