February 16, 2005

Stay Far Far Away

Ok. I've got the flu. Big time. It's eating away at every muscle in my body. I am really wishing at this point that my lungs would truly exit my body as they've been threatening for the past 36 hours. I can't sleep, not hungry, and can't breathe.
Yet, through all of this, I GOT TO GUEST POST for Chris! YES! There are great things in life.
I am also in the process of transfering my blog to my very own domain, powered by WordPress and will be adorning a new skin as soon as possible!
I am like a little kid with a new toy!
Iffn' ya want a sneak preview (and everyone is going to have to update their links to me, for this I apologize) come see me at my new home! Sunburns is going to rawk!

Stop by and say hello!
Thanks Chris!
Hope you and Beth are doing great!
Have a wonderful evening all!

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