February 16, 2005

I Have to Take Advantage...

... of RC's blog.

Ok, now... what to blog? Aha! Here we go. A recomendation for everyone.

From the BRI Uncle John's Legendary Lost Bathroom Reader. This is one of more than a dozen books for those folks whose libraries are located down the hall in the "loo". The books are filled with knowledge that would leave a trivia master drooling.

A friend suggested I buy one of these books and after only fourteen pages, I'm hooked. I'm ready to grab the credit card and buy every book I've missed. Hubby's already pointed out twice that it's a "bathroom reader" and I'm not allowed to read it beyond those doors. HAH!

So, for your edification, here's a tiny excerpt:

"On average, twins are born 24 days earlier than single babies."

"Alexander the Great was buried in a vat of honey."

Well, that's my stint on RC's blog. This is Jayne d'Arcy of etherian's island, signing off.

Ooops - gotta plug one more thing. If you like to write, or even like to read, come and visit Dark Escapes.


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