February 16, 2005

Ya Can't Fucking Win

As my friend John always says "YCFW". The date went really well tonight, I thought. I arrived early. I was terrifically charming. Witty; intelligent; engaging; kind; funny; playful; flirty. And, yet.. I still feel as though it's going to go nowhere. She's beautiful. Young. Smart. Ambitious. And she's an animal lover. She has a new cat named Elliott. He keeps her company. And, she does the same for him.
But, I have this bad feeling that we won't get to go out again. Perhaps I was too "nice." Perhaps I didn't challenge her enough. Perhaps I'm too old for her.
Then there's the other problem. She's about to finish her grad school work, and move away. She's just returned from visiting schools all over the country. And, soon she'll leave for one of those schools. What's the point in dating someone who's about to leave, right? Why get attached if they're just going to go away?
But, I was really hoping it would work. She's everything I'm looking for. And, yet I can't have her.
Story of my life.


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