March 08, 2005

Next? The Bearded Lady

Wow. Your responses so far to this morning's question? Overwhelming! Also overwhelming? The lady with the big-ass mustache I just saw when I was grabbing something to drink. I'm not talking about a few stray hairs or something waxable. I'm talking full-on, big, thick, bushy Magnum PI-lookin' mustache. And it wasn't the same color as her hair or anything. No, it was cleverly dyed to be stealthy (well done on that, by the way).

I'm done. I am tremendously busy today...and marginally productive! I just had to share that. Back to your baby guesses.

Posted by Chris at March 8, 2005 04:03 PM

Wow! An ASS MUSTACHE? Not only is my question how would one pull such a thing off, but also what would she be wearing that would reveal such a thing!?

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at March 8, 2005 04:11 PM

i love sexy woMAN mustaches, Mmmmm Mmmmmm Good!

Posted by: lizabetty at March 8, 2005 04:32 PM

:::shudder::: Ohhh Scary!!

And I'm guessing that you two will have a boy! Now why do I say that? No special reason, I'm guessing, lol

Posted by: Tammy at March 8, 2005 04:43 PM

dyed? it was dyed? what colour was this big-ass mustache dyed? or is it died? i always forget, thank goodness for spell check.

Posted by: angel at March 8, 2005 05:08 PM

There is a lady in my building with a honkin mustache too! I meet her in the elevator sometimes. She is much taller than me, so in order to look her in the eye and not STARE STARE STARE at her upper lip I have to crane my head, like, 60 degrees back. It's very aerobic.

Posted by: supine at March 8, 2005 05:18 PM

Yes, you are having a boy or a girl. What do I win?

Posted by: Busy Mom at March 8, 2005 05:25 PM

i have another baby guess as i've run out of names and my last guess of "girl" is pretty lame and predictable.

now, i don't really know you two, but my hubby said if you did "it" doggy-style you could get a puppy... so i'm guessing Golden Lab.

Posted by: monique at March 8, 2005 05:38 PM

My guess? A baby!! You're having a baby!

Posted by: JustAgirl at March 8, 2005 05:53 PM

It makes ya

Posted by: Jade at March 8, 2005 07:02 PM

I don't understand women who have mustaches and don't do anything about it. It only takes two minutes to wax it off. Or pay for laser hair removal! I would. Maybe they think it makes them look distinguished.

Posted by: Dawn (webmiztris) at March 8, 2005 08:12 PM

why do women have facial hair at all? Is it gods cruel joke on us??? And why would a woman keep it when there are waxes and other stuff just for that??? Yikes!

Posted by: Nina at March 8, 2005 09:19 PM

Since we're now asking why anybody has anything at all, the one that's always stummped me is why men even have nipples? It's not like they are functional for anything, much like female facial hair.

Posted by: groovebunny at March 8, 2005 09:30 PM

Poor lady, hasn't she heard of waxing or electrolosis. I remember a girl from a neighboring highschool that had blonde facial hair. We both played sports, so I'd see her now & then. My fiance & his siblings actually went to school with her. So when they said her name, I asked "the girl with the beard?" They laughed hysterically. They called her teen wolfe in school... Again, waxing people...

Posted by: Azzy at March 8, 2005 10:53 PM

I'd say a lady with Magnim PI whiskers is a pretty unusual site. Maybe a gender sign??
I'll take a punt on a boy (with a Magnum shadow).

Posted by: sara at March 9, 2005 01:07 AM

wait ... this chart has not been wrong yet but I need some more information... age at conception and month of conception..

Posted by: Michelle at March 9, 2005 06:47 AM