May 07, 2005

Lying In The Sun

Sometimes you just have to find a patch of sun and fall asleep on your face...

Posted by Chris at May 7, 2005 01:14 PM


Posted by: Tonya at May 7, 2005 02:00 PM

Dude, that happens to me at least once a day.

Posted by: Ginny at May 7, 2005 03:06 PM

Love it!

Posted by: cassie-b at May 7, 2005 03:26 PM

It seems like the right thing to do!!!!
Hey when are you gonna do the meme I pegged you to do huh??? Huh??? hehehe!

Posted by: Nina at May 7, 2005 03:51 PM

I love it when cats do that. That's got to be one of my favorite pictures of Callie.

Posted by: Dawnie at May 7, 2005 04:03 PM

That and when they tuck their paws under and stick their elbows out. I think the expression would more aptly be, "It's a cat's life."

(Nice new corner pic)

Posted by: vicki at May 7, 2005 04:23 PM

I just love the pics you take of your cat sleeping on her face! They're so funny with all their little quirks... just like us (and things like office supplies...). :o)

Posted by: ironic1 at May 7, 2005 04:59 PM

that's what i plan to do. except for the sun part.

Posted by: jodi at May 7, 2005 06:15 PM

Lucky cat, I'd love to be doing that right now. well, ideally not face first, but still...

Posted by: monkey typist at May 7, 2005 06:21 PM

The fact that humans don't do this just goes to show that cats are way smarter than us.

Posted by: Spring at May 7, 2005 06:59 PM

OMG, that's exactly what I did today!

Posted by: Jon in Michigan at May 7, 2005 09:34 PM

Awwww....She is such a sweety on her face in the sun! Makes you want to squeeze her!

AND once again! The photo god you are is OUTSTANDING! Love the new photo of you in the corner! Did you do something bad and Mrs. Fish had to put you there? Love the photo editing!

Posted by: Gypsy at May 8, 2005 12:34 AM

Wow - that cat is onto something! I think that's what I'll do today!

Posted by: Marie at May 8, 2005 09:07 AM

your cat is so bloody talented!

Posted by: stinkerbell at May 9, 2005 06:10 AM

oh, sooooooooo CUTE!!!!!

Posted by: lizabetty at May 9, 2005 09:47 AM

LOL!! I love it, hehe I have never seen a cat sleep like that. Do you have to check on him/her every so often to see if it is still alive? lol

Posted by: Leslie at May 9, 2005 10:59 AM

Love, LOVE, LOVE her!

Posted by: feisty girl at May 10, 2005 12:32 PM

that is the cutest picture!!!

Posted by: skurdycat at May 13, 2005 10:40 PM