August 29, 2005

Wilfred Brimley, You Have The Right To Remain Silent

I'm all for maintaining a positive outlook on life...looking at the glass as half-full...all that crap. So, it's with a certain amount of reluctant confidence that I admit to you that this week will really and truly suck. At least as far as work goes.

The weekend? One word - reflux. Mia, during an otherwise very good checkup on Friday, was diagnosed with a little reflux. This accounts for the random, eardrum-shattering screaming. We've started giving Grumpy McAcidpants medicine but it hasn't quite kicked in yet. And by the way - what genius decided to make peppermint flavored medicine for infants? Mia pretty much spent the weekend being held by one of us, dancing around the house. I danced around the house so much, I pulled a muscle. Really.

There was sleep. Not much, but some. There was enough sleep on my part to dream that I joined NYC's SVU squad with Bensen and Stabler. We busted Wilfred Brimley. It's unclear why.

The bottom line is that I'm tired and grumpy and, because some shit went down at work on Friday, it will most likely be a confusing and unpleasant week. Let's get this party started...

Posted by Chris at August 29, 2005 08:51 AM

Hahahaha, well, at least you still have your sense of humor.

I am sorry to hear about Mia's discomfort-- and hope work works itself out soon.

Posted by: jen at August 29, 2005 09:16 AM

oh yes, the eardrum-shattering screams. i remember those. when my tot did that, i would try and figure out what dying animal he sounded like. it may ease YOUR discomfort a little, bring a little humor to the situation. poor baby (you as well as mia).

Posted by: misifoota at August 29, 2005 09:20 AM

Poor little Grumpy McAcidpants...just think though...there are worse things that could've brought on the shreaking than acid reflux, although that is pretty crappy in Mia's situation. I hope she feels better. As for work..I feel the same way. Same shit, different day. Argh.

Posted by: Michelle at August 29, 2005 09:24 AM

well, I hope your week is better than you anticipate. I just put LittleJuJu on a school bus. All by himself. With strangers. It will be a hard week for both of us.

Posted by: JuJuBee at August 29, 2005 09:30 AM

While it's not so fun for you, this weekend update brings back nice memories. Amazing how the human spirit can transform urping, fussing and sleepless nights into fond memories. Hang in- this is short-lived.

Posted by: Vicki at August 29, 2005 09:33 AM

Do you guys own a baby swing? Those things are a life saver. Mia will be upright, which helps the reflux. Olivia spent many nights sleeping in her swing - oy - the reflux..

Posted by: Kate at August 29, 2005 09:36 AM

I KNEW Wilfred Brimley was a perv!

Posted by: Fraulein N at August 29, 2005 09:39 AM

Awwww poor Mia, poor Chris and poor Beth. I hope that the medicine helps and that you guys start to get some sleep soon.

Posted by: Marie at August 29, 2005 09:45 AM

Haaaaa, you should call her Grumpy McAcidpants every time she throws a tantrum until she's 18. Comedy gold!

Posted by: Zoe at August 29, 2005 10:24 AM

Awwww...sorry your week kinda sucks. Mine does too, though, and you know misery loves company!

Posted by: Queen of Ass at August 29, 2005 10:27 AM

I always knew there was something shifty about that Wilfred Brimley.

Hope Grumpy McAcidpants starts feeling better soon. Those earsplitting screams must be hard on everyone.

Posted by: bad penguin at August 29, 2005 10:32 AM

Ouch, man. Happy Monday? Those babies, they can give you a run for your money, I hope the medicine helps.

Posted by: Ginny at August 29, 2005 10:44 AM

atta boy
take it on.
Mondays fear you.

Posted by: dazeymae at August 29, 2005 11:03 AM

Peppermint flavored? Must be Zantac? My youngest had/still has to some extent severe reflux. If you need any tips that go beyond medicating, I'd be glad to help.

Posted by: Theresa at August 29, 2005 11:11 AM

man, you too??? work is just crappy today, as it was on friday as well. i'm about ready to tear my hair out. ugh.

Posted by: Judy at August 29, 2005 11:15 AM

The first time I met my son's friend, he was the most colicky little bastard this side of the Mississippi. Between his shrieks of pain and distorted facial expressions, he was a lovely little bundle of joy. But you know, not so much when he was bellowing in my ear.

Posted by: Rhonda at August 29, 2005 12:24 PM

Sorry to hear about Mia's reflux; our friends' baby had it and it can be rough.

But at least you took that Quaker Oats-eatin' bastard off the street.

Posted by: Jason at August 29, 2005 01:39 PM

You don't see too many people blogging about Wilfred Brimley these days.
Sorry to hear about the reflux. :-( I'm sure she'll get better soon.

Posted by: Jessica at August 29, 2005 01:55 PM

STILL NO A/C in this office- lets get this party started indeed....

Posted by: stephanie at August 29, 2005 02:00 PM

I had acid reflux while pregnant with my last. It's like burping hot lava. Poor baby!

Posted by: Nanc' at August 29, 2005 02:19 PM

Here's hoping the week is better than you think--- in any event, breathe breathe and drink lots of coffee . . .

Posted by: bluepoppy at August 29, 2005 03:16 PM

Be careful! You really don't want Grumpy McAcidpants to stick... can't you just see it now in her high school yearbook?
Favorite quote: To be or not to be
Best friends: Kayla, Rob and Sarah
Nickname: Grumpy McAcidPants


Posted by: Jaime at August 29, 2005 04:47 PM

really? Stabler? Dude... can you hook me up? Mmmmm.... Stabler.

Sorry about the grumpy baby ... that's got to be tough.

Posted by: jodi at August 29, 2005 04:55 PM

Sorry to giggle like a little school about this. HAHAHAHAHA Tee Heee Tee Heee, Im sure lil missacid reflux will be just fine, What Im laughing about really is your lack of sleep. Oh man do I still remember those nights. Wait till it all ends, or so you think it has ended. You get this one eye open sorta sleep for the first few years, where you can hear a pin drop in your childs room and every time she wimpers you go check her to change or feed her, well that half sleep, becomes like shell shock, or post traumatic stress, and at around 3 or 4 yrs of age with my mini me , for him it was 4. I was still waking up "thinking " I heard something go bump in his room. Hasnt happened for a while now. I think the booze helps though :P. Hey thats it, take up drinking in the evening. Let beth do all running. (Sorry beth, but hey us guys have to stick togethor)

Posted by: shaners at August 29, 2005 06:30 PM

Hope the meds kick in soon and Mia is reflux free!!! Damn Wilfred, I always knew he was a trouble maker...

Good luck with your week!

Posted by: Kate at August 29, 2005 07:00 PM

i love that guy...and oatmeal!

Posted by: lizabetty at August 29, 2005 07:19 PM

anyone who sings the praises of hot cereal (yuck!!!!) cannot be trusted

here's hoping for a clear and most pleasant week

Posted by: Kathryn at August 29, 2005 08:02 PM

bensen and stabler rock. :) lol

Posted by: tiffanie at August 29, 2005 11:23 PM

"The baby-whisperer" did this thing on Reflux. Appearantly you want to get a big wedge shaped matrass. It has a harnas on it and will keep the baby in an almost upright position. Also, absolutely no jiggling but just gentle swaying motions. I wonder if there is anything about her on the Net. The baby they helped in that episode was a different child in one day.

I really hope you find something to help Mia. Reflux sucks eggs.

All the best

Posted by: Nynke at August 30, 2005 03:07 AM

I hope things start to look up soon.

Posted by: Nicole at August 30, 2005 07:28 AM

Oy, I had a feeling that's what it was when I read your wife's post. Both of my sisters babies had it and the symptoms were exactly the same. Poor sweetie. I hope it works itself out quickly.

Posted by: Y at August 30, 2005 08:41 PM