September 06, 2005


It's a sad day. My daughter will grow up in a world without Gilligan. Bob Denver (not to be confused with John - rocky mountain high, plane crash), dead at age 70. Long may you sail, Little Buddy.

So, which castaway goes next? Better yet, uh, which ones are still alive?

Posted by Chris at September 6, 2005 07:50 PM

Oh jeepers, good question... I think the professor, mary ann, and ginger are all still alive... I think Gilligan has joined the Skipper and Mr. and Mrs. Howell on that great big deserted island in the sky for their three hour tour (three hour tour).

Posted by: jen at September 6, 2005 07:55 PM

I heard that on the news on the way. Sad news. Then I automatically thought what was the name of the Rocky Mountain High guy... so one mystery solved.


Posted by: Nat at September 6, 2005 08:12 PM

oh no! not little buddy.

don't worry, she won't really grow up without gilligan, for he will live on in reruns for many generations to come.

Posted by: jodi at September 6, 2005 08:16 PM

Awwww, I am so sorry to hear that. I loved Gilligan when I was a kid. On a side note, I was in Pacific Grove, CA the very day John Denver crashed his plane. It was the most horrific thing I'd ever seen.

Posted by: etherian at September 6, 2005 08:26 PM

My guess? The Professor - women tend to outlive men. It's a sad sad day in this world - no more Gilligan :(

Posted by: Marie at September 6, 2005 08:32 PM

It's sad when someone who seems like he'll be there forever passes on.

Good bye little buddy.

Posted by: cassie-b at September 6, 2005 08:37 PM

I probably shouldn't admit it, but Gilligan was one of my childhood quasi-crushes (meaning I was turned on in a kinda weird prepubescent way, but not in the screaming teenybopper way like I was for David Cassidy, et al). But I guess that's way too much information... R.I.P. Gilligan.

Posted by: mooalex at September 6, 2005 09:20 PM

Oh damn. I hadn't heard! Poor little guy.

Posted by: Heather at September 6, 2005 10:14 PM

The professor will be last. He was the cutest. (I don't know why that completely sounds logical in my mind, but it does, and it's late, so I'm excused.)

Posted by: Queen Of Ass at September 6, 2005 10:54 PM

Yes, I had heard. Actually it went a little like this:

Me, walking through the door at home exhausted from the four year olds...

First words out of Danny's mouth (I mean I hadn't even crossed the threshold): Gilligan is dead.

Me: Ah.

That's all the strength I could muster for the little buddy...

THEN...he asked about my day :)

Posted by: Kate at September 7, 2005 01:53 AM

Ahhh, Chris... you seem to have forgotten about the wonders of DVD. Specifically, Gilligan's Island on DVD. Fear not. Mia will never have to encounter a Bob Denver-less world as long as you keep the DVDs a-runnin'!

Posted by: ironic1 at September 7, 2005 06:16 AM

May we have a moment of silence for our Little Buddy........May his three hour tour be finished in heaven. Oh and to back up Queen of Ass...I always thought the Professor was the cutest too! I never understood though why they could make a radio, but not get off that damn island! But they eventually did when the big storm came! LIVE ON GILLIGAN'S ISLAND!!!

Posted by: Michelle at September 7, 2005 07:58 AM

Two comments. First, Gilligan died in our local hospital, which I thought was extremely odd because... well, you would just have to know where we live, but trust me, ex-sitcom stars don't die here everyday.
Second comment, which come to think of it, I should post this on my site: this is the conversation in our house last night. me "did you hear that Gilligan died?" wife "really" me "yeah, what's his name, Denver Pyle?" wife "I don't know", me "no wait, Bob Denver, Denver Pyle was Uncle Jesse and he's already dead." wife "Bob Denver! No wait, I'm thinking John Denver, and he's already dead..., yeah, you might be right, Bob Denver. hmmm, that's sad."

Posted by: Mayberry at September 7, 2005 11:50 AM

I remember how odd it was that "little buddy" looked like the oldest 20-something to ever appear on TV.

Posted by: Vicki at September 8, 2005 06:13 PM