June 12, 2006

Haiku For Monday #133

Remember the song
'bout rainy days and Mondays?
Score! Seems we have both.

Posted by Chris at June 12, 2006 06:37 AM

Groan....they always get me down too.

Posted by: Wicked H at June 12, 2006 08:38 AM

Karen Carpenter
definitely had it right.
They get me down too.

Posted by: Beth in StL at June 12, 2006 09:56 AM

Richard Carpenter
Songsmith extraordinaire
Boy is he creepy

Posted by: Allan at June 12, 2006 11:04 AM

Blue skies in Chi-town
From my windowless office
no view of outside

Posted by: hannah at June 12, 2006 11:34 AM

Monday without work
Doesn't really mean that much...
Wedding stuff to do.

Posted by: ironic1 at June 12, 2006 11:37 AM