August 10, 2006

Classic Rock Conundrum

Mia got a combination CD player and radio for her birthday. She loves music almost as much as she loves pressing buttons. We keep the radio tuned to the local classic rock station. It's consistently the least annoying. The radio was on as we were getting her ready for bed. It sparked discussion.

Me: So, when they wrote this, do you think they were talking about a woman who practiced black magic or a magic woman who happened to be black?
Her: Hmmm. I'm thinking a woman who practiced black magic. Otherwise, it would be Magic Black Woman, right?
Me: True. But still, it gets you thinking about things.
Her: Like what?
Me: Well, see, I can understand the fire in the sky, but what set of circumstances could have possibly caused the smoke on the water?
Her: That's a thinker.

Posted by Chris at August 10, 2006 08:03 PM

ROFLOL. No 70's and 80's music makes no sense. And 60's music? No way. Everyone was stoned!

Posted by: Maribeth at August 10, 2006 08:24 PM

Um...that would be LSD... Just my thought.

Posted by: gypsy at August 10, 2006 08:35 PM

Maybe it was steam on the water. That is what I have always thought.

It could have also been left over from fireworks or dry ice. Am I overthinking this?

Posted by: Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah at August 10, 2006 08:55 PM

well, you know, personally, i've seen fire and i've seen rain, i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end, i've seen lonely times when i could not find a friend, but i always thought that i'd see you again.

but, you know, of course, that's just me.

Posted by: RzDrms at August 10, 2006 09:10 PM

A classic example of why the world is better understood when one is under the influence of illicit substances.

Yeah man...

Posted by: DaFFy at August 10, 2006 09:23 PM

Lily has one, too. Her godfather got her Sam Cooke, Billy Holiday and Mozart for xmas. She and Sam Cooke are crazy in love. It's all day with that CD.

Posted by: mrlady at August 10, 2006 11:16 PM

Great minds think alike!

I've totally pondered that whole "smoke on the water" thing. I still don't get it.

Posted by: Izzy at August 11, 2006 12:20 AM

I always figured it was a poetic attempt at describing mist on the water, but no:

(Sorry, I have no idea how to insert links)

Posted by: Kristina at August 11, 2006 02:03 AM


I was going to smack this over the fence until I saw the Wikipedia link. So instead, let’s focus on the more immediate issue.

First, I think it's noble you're introducing Mia to classic rock. What a great way to get her into some of the roots of rock. Zeppelin, Sabbath, Eagles, ELO… it doesn’t get any better.

Second, I can't believe there's not a community or college radio station available that's less annoying, more interesting and has fewer (or none) commercials than the local classic rock station.

Third, disconnect the radio function immediately. Somewhere on your site I’ve seen your list of CDs. God put CDs in boomboxes for a reason… use it. Do your daughter a favor that she will thank you for 20 years from now. IMO commercial radio is a waste of you daughter’s time. It’s mindless pablum for the uninspired. She’ll have plenty of time for that when she starts school and talks to her uninspired girlfriends fawning over the latest Brittney Spears or whatever other payola fed star is in rotation. My little Smoky loves anything classical, some jazz, Houses of the Holy, Raffi, Beautiful Mind soundtrack and tonight I introduced Bobby McFerrin’s first release. She was in a trance… but that also could have been her lack of nap time… anyway, you get the point.

Forth, SoTW refers to a Roger Glover watching the Montreux Casino burn. Wikipedia says it was a vision but I could have sworn I read in liner notes years ago that it was the actual sight standing across Lake Geneva. Either way… you now have your answer.

Now, let’s Bungle in the Jungle!

Posted by: Johnny Smoke On The Water at August 11, 2006 03:06 AM

How about that foggy mist that hangs above the water? I always thought it could be that. Or they were just stoned out of their minds like I was when I first heard it. lol

Yeah, stoned.out.of.their.minds!

Posted by: Red at August 11, 2006 06:49 AM

I wonder what Dr Phil would say about subjecting mia to classic rock. I'll bet in 15 yrs she'll be wearing ripped jeans a kiss t-shirt and smoking weed in the school parking lot, oh sorry that was my child hood, oops my bad

Posted by: shane at August 11, 2006 06:55 AM

Every time I hear Black Magic Woman, now, I hear "and she's trying to take a pebble out of me", from that Dharma and Greg episode... that makes as much sense as most classic rock lyrics, though.

Queen B is a big Beatles fan, also classic musical theater (Kiss Me Kate, Singing in the Rain). We've been doing The Cure, lately, though she doesn't really appreciate the Goth-ness of it all, as she was doing the 'mashed potato' to Just Like Heaven.

Posted by: Kate the Shrew at August 11, 2006 09:53 AM

So is true about the fire starting from a rogue flare gun! I'd heard it was started by a firecracker, but whatever. Very cool.

Posted by: mamatulip at August 11, 2006 04:07 PM

Every once in a while when I'm talking about where I come from, I break into, "I'm just a small town girl living in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anywhere." I inevitably get groans from everyone I'm talking to.

Posted by: Beth in StL at August 11, 2006 06:56 PM