September 18, 2006

VV06 Part Deux: The Photo Recap

It's the ass-crack of dawn and I'm attending a conference-type thingy for work. Yeah. Right after vacation. Nice. Anyway, since I'm not going to be around all day, I figured I'd leave you with pictures of the Vacationless Vacation of '06 (VV06) Part Deux.

...visit the flickr set for many (!!) more...

What went down during this week off, you ask? Well, we/I...

Whew. So, now I'm back but stuck at a conference without Internet access for an ungodly nine hours (not including travel time) so I can't actually work on any of the stuff that piled up while I was away (frustrating!) nor can I check in and see how you're all doing (argh! more frustrating!). And the same thing'll happen again tomorrow.

That's all I've got. So, what's up with you?

Posted by Chris at September 18, 2006 06:25 AM

I absolutely love the picture of Mia in the red and white outfit. She looks like she's posing for the picture, and it's adorable! Looks and sounds like a great vacation.

Posted by: Jessie at September 18, 2006 07:23 AM

The stripey jammies? Awesome!

Glad you had such a wonderful vacation. Too bad your re-introduction to the working world sucks so bad!

Posted by: Alissa at September 18, 2006 07:49 AM

Seeing beautiful pictures is a damn fine way to start a Monday.

As for how I'm doing? Well, the Cowboys kicked Redskins ass so I'm doing damn good. I ♥ football. Especially on days like today!

Posted by: pea at September 18, 2006 07:59 AM


You can't see how I'm doing?!

It's all over, now buddy.


Posted by: s@bd at September 18, 2006 08:02 AM

I just need to know one thing... Why were YOU wearing the bib in one of those pictures?

Posted by: Emily at September 18, 2006 08:09 AM

Great pictures, Chris. My Hubby now says we have to go to the Air and Space Museum. (He was a pilot for Pan Am and Delta)
I loved your pictures of Beth and Mia the best. Oh and the ones of you with Mia weren't bad either! LOL

Posted by: Maribeth at September 18, 2006 08:49 AM

well, it's obvious that she is the cutest thing ever. and that having spent practically every minute of her young life in front of a camera, she has learned to pose - i love the stripey pj pic.

hope the conference isn't too deadly.

Posted by: suze at September 18, 2006 08:54 AM

Back from a vacation myself......trying to find the top of my desk. I think it's a brown desk, right now it's covered with stacks of white.

Posted by: Wicked H at September 18, 2006 09:02 AM

Beth has such beautiful eyes. :P

For a vacationless, vacation you guys were pretty busy. Oh and Mia's pics are adorable.

Posted by: MrsJoseGoldbloom at September 18, 2006 09:45 AM

oh no! stomach bug???!!!
you poor cactus-fishes :)

Posted by: ali at September 18, 2006 10:39 AM

Trying to live my life and maintain the old blog while serving up 2-3 columns per week at Imperfect Parent. If you see smoke coming out of my ears, I'm on fire. And not in a good way.

Posted by: wordgirl at September 18, 2006 10:42 AM

I always love all of the pictures you take! And um, what's up with the "working" thing? You do realize that it takes away from our time, right? I just don't like that. You're gonna have to do something about that.

Posted by: Kate at September 18, 2006 10:45 AM

Hey, you are an awesome photographer. I use your blog as inspiration when i am in a funk, so thanks for the great vacation inspiration!
I shoot with a Canon 20D. Whats your poison?

Posted by: cj at September 18, 2006 10:52 AM

Sounds like a successful vacation. The pictures were great. Were you on the MD or VA side of Great Falls? I've only ever been on the VA side. Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

Sorry to hear about the conference thingy... what a sucky way to start the week after vacation.

Posted by: Karen at September 18, 2006 10:54 AM

I like it that you did something with your week. Seems like too many people would do very little and at the end of the week say, "where did my week go? Vacation flew by, and all I did was watch TV and play around on the Internet."

Hey, BTW, what type/brand of backpack is that you are using to carry Mia, and do you like it?

Posted by: Brad at September 18, 2006 11:53 AM

Welcome back. Great pics, as always.
Sucks to be you today.

Posted by: Traci at September 18, 2006 11:55 AM

I wrote an ode to Monday just now because guess what? I hate Monday. Also, I woke up sick this morning. So, you know, STUPID MONDAY.

Posted by: Sparkle Pants at September 18, 2006 12:30 PM

Welcome back! Meetings suck, sorry you're stuck in them for two days. I hope Mia is feeling better now.

We're having fun with vets and doctors, over here. Nothing major, but we'll be up to three visits in 24 hours before the day is over. Whee! I'll probably post about it later, when I actually get to stop ferrying people and animals around to their appointments.

Posted by: Kate the Shrew at September 18, 2006 12:40 PM

I love the sunglasses photo!!

Posted by: Kristen at September 18, 2006 01:20 PM

It can be fun to play tourist in this area. We tend to take all these great (free) things for granted...

Posted by: Liz at September 18, 2006 01:26 PM

Isn't it sweet that Beth still has stars in her eyes when she looks at you? So what if they are Great photos...looks like you packed a lot of fun into "staying home."

Posted by: Jaycie at September 18, 2006 03:15 PM

Your pictures are always so cute! I am glad you had fun on your vacationless vacation and i feel for you being stuck in some conference all day...phoooey on that!

Posted by: kristied at September 18, 2006 03:23 PM

I swear you're going to break my "Awwww" button one of these days.

That pic of Mia with her hair in her face is PRICELESS!

Posted by: Tink at September 18, 2006 04:40 PM

Still here, and very happy to view your vacation pictures.

I hope tomorrow isn't quite so computerless for you.

I'll be telecommuting - it seems to be a twice weekly schedule and I'm loving it.

Posted by: cassie-b at September 18, 2006 05:49 PM

Don't worry Chris - we'll still keep reading, conference or not.

Posted by: Heather at September 18, 2006 06:35 PM


I'll be back in the Virginia area in October and am totally making the dude take me to the air and space museum. I also want to check out that new Native American museum - it looks way cool.

Posted by: Snidget at September 18, 2006 07:15 PM

Monday's still technically part of my weekend, but I have to work on papers and such anyway, so it's really no fun at all. But, it has to be more fun than a nine hour meeting. Seriously, man, you have my deepest sympathy.

Posted by: Heather at September 18, 2006 07:42 PM

You have an awesome life.
Great pix !

Posted by: jenn at September 18, 2006 07:43 PM

Your pics are fabulous - thanks for sharing!!

Posted by: Evil Genius at September 18, 2006 08:04 PM

Dang, you have all that stuff within day-trip distance? We need to move to Virginia. We have a zoo and a House of Wax. Wax people freak me out.

Posted by: SMIT at September 18, 2006 09:44 PM

God. I need a vacation! Dang it!

Posted by: Queen of Ass at September 18, 2006 10:03 PM

Those pics are fantabulous! Mia sure is developing quite a cute little Photo-Personality. Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: ironic1 at September 18, 2006 10:06 PM

Looks like you had fun! Welcome back. Get to work...

Posted by: L.A. Daddy at September 18, 2006 10:58 PM

Don't you work in IT? What genius planned an IT conference in a venue without internet access?

Posted by: Caroline at September 19, 2006 03:31 PM

Sounds like you had a great vacation despite the stomache bug!

Great pictures!

Posted by: Colleen at September 19, 2006 09:27 PM